boo carré 12

cognac, rittenhouse rye, averna, pimento dram, peychaud, ango, green chartreuse rinse

the embargo 12

el dorado rum, angostura rum, coffee liqueur, orgeat, lime, toasted almond bitters, ango

fall sangria 11

vina borgia, citrus vodka, orange juice, vermut, simple


curried quinoa soup 8 | 5

quinoa, sweet potato, red onion, celery, carrot, garlic, curry, coconut milk, topped with house chimichurri

french onion burger 14

porter road beef, onion roll, brie, fried onion, caramelized onion, truffle aioli


quinoa fritters**

jalapeño aioli 8

fried mac & cheese bites

honey dijon aioli and jack daniels maple ketchup 8

free-range chicken wings

choice of habanero hot, house bbq or jerk sauce 8

fried pickle chips

wisconsin yellow cheddar powder with buttermilk ranch 7

fry flight

house, sweet potato and truffle fries served with trio of sauces 7

chili cheese fries

house fries topped with chili, queso, green onions and sambal sour cream 8

pimento potato skins

house made pimento cheese, benton's bacon, green onions, ranch 10

BURGERS* all burgers served with house fries

double up

two pressed beef patties, shredded iceberg, pickles, shaved red onion, double cheese with house dijonnaise on a potato roll 11

chili queso burger

house made chili, spicy queso fried jalapeno, sambal sour cream 14


benton’s bacon, tennessee sweetwater white cheddar, jack daniels maple ketchup 13

ramsey pimento cheese burger

house made pimento cheese, iceberg, tomato, pickles, red onion, truffle aioli, benton's bacon on a jalapeño bun 15

mr. lewis patty melt

pressed beef patty, grilled onions, swiss, cheddar, spicy remoulade on grilled rye 12

black and blue burger

crumbled blue cheese, blackening seasoning, red onion and arugula 10


lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, yellow cheddar, yellow mustard 11

turkey burger

avocado, caramelized red onions, mayo, romaine and tomato 11

bison burger

white cheddar, fried red onion and jalapeños, romaine, tomato and honey dijon aioli 16

the byrd

fried chicken breast, truffle aioli, pickles,

white cheddar 12

troyathlon **

quinoa and black bean burger, lettuce, tomato, yellow cheddar, jack daniels maple ketchup, fresh jalapeño, avocado 12

marathon ** 11

burgers are cooked to medium unless specified

burger Up fries with peanut oil.

add benton’s bacon – add 3

add fried egg – add 2

gluten-free bun – add 3

double any burger – market price

A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more.

A 10% service charge is added to to-go orders.


loaded potato soup

benton's bacon, sweetwater cheddar, sour cream, green onions
bowl-8 cup-5


house made chili topped with yellow and white cheddar, green onions, sambal sour cream bowl-8 cup-5

house local **

fresh cut greens, seasonal vegetables, sweetwater white cheddar, pecans, balsamic vinaigrette 8

caesar *

hearts of romaine, shaved parmesan, benton’s bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, caesar dressing 10


chopped kale

chopped curly green kale, roasted hazelnuts, dried tart cherries, pecorino romano, citrus vinaigrette 11

beet and arugula

arugula, red beets, apples, cucumber, pistachios, honey vinaigrette 12

add to a salad:

quinoa patty ** 5

beef* or chicken 6

turkey 7

bison* 8

salmon* 9


house fries 4

sweet potato fries 5

truffle fries 6

fried vidalia onion tower 5

steamed baby spinach 4


olive & sinclair dark chocolate brownie a la mode 7

krispy creme donut pudding 7

* Consuming raw or under-cooked meat, poultry or eggs can increase your risk for food-borne illness.

** Contains pecans


* all kids meals served with fries and apples

kid's slider - with or without cheese 5

kid's chicken - grilled or fried chicken 6

kid's grilled cheese 5

kid's pb&j 5



Mad Tasty CBD Water 6
Unicorn Tears, Grapefruit, Yuzu Citrus

Virgil's Organic Root Beer 4

Mexican Coke 5

*Fountain Coke products*


Aloe From the Other Side 11

ford's gin, aloe liqueur, lime, mint, simple

Captain Americano 10

campari, capeletti, carpano antica, soda

Rosemary's Paloma 11

grapefruit tequila, rosemary simple, lime, Mad Tasty CBD water

Central Perk 11

rittenhouse rye, mr black coffee, cocchi torino, ango

12S Lemonade 10

lemon vodka, basil, lemon, white wine, peach bitters



Romio Vini d’Italia, Prosecco, Italy

PROSECCO, dry, rounded, fragrant

10 glass / 30 bottle


Fernando Pighin & Figili, Friuli-Venezia, Italy

PINOT GRIGIO, mineral, citrus, crisp

12 glass | 36 bottle

Stoneleigh, Marlborough, New Zealand

SAUVIGNON BLANC, guava, passionfruit, grass

12 glass / 36 bottle

La Patience, France

CHARDONNAY, citrus, peach, acidic

**Certified Organic**

12 glass / 36 bottle


Domaine De Fontsainte, Provence, France

ROSÉ, strawberry, peach, honeydew

13 glass / 39 bottle


Barbelino Monferrato Rosso, Piedmont, Italy

BARBERA | GRIGNOLINO, jammy, silky, berry

11 glass | 33 bottle

Parker Station, Central Coast, California

PINOT NOIR, cherry, clove, toasted oak

10 glass | 30 bottle

Ali Toscana, Tuscany, Italy

TUSCAN BLEND, red cherries, mineral, dry

8 glass | 24 bottle

Bonanza, Napa Valley, California

CABERNET SAUVIGNON, cassis, vanilla, dark berries

10 glass / 30 bottle


Bavik Super Pilsner 8

Pilsner | 16 oz | Bavikhove, Belgium | 5.2%

fresh, light, crisp

Bearded Iris Tunnel Vision 8

New England IPA | 16 oz | Nashville, TN | 6.8%
hop nose, dry, effervescent

Houblon Chouffe IPA 7

IPA | 10 oz | Achouffe, Belgium | 9%

fruity, bitter, hops

Brightwood Rosewood Cider 7

Dry Rose Cider | 10 oz | Nashville, TN | 6.8%
dry, apple, crisp

Portly Nitro Stout 7

Stout | 16 oz | Nashville, TN | 6.2%
chocolate, coffee, malt

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar 7

Brown Ale| 10 oz | Newport, OR | 5.6%
toffee, nutty, malt

Oskar Blues Guava Rodeo 7

Berliner Weisse | 16 oz | Brevard, NC | 6%
guava, tart, crisp


Blackberry Farm IPA 6

IPA | 12 oz can | Walland, TN | 6.75%
soft, juicy, citrus

Yazoo Hefeweizen 5

Wheat beer | 12 oz bottle | Nashville, TN | 5.0%
banana, clove, citrus

Yazoo Gerst 5

Amber Ale | 12 oz bottle | Nashville, TN | 5.0%
caramel, malt, clean

Stiegl Radler 7

Grapefruit radler | 12 oz bottle | Austria | 2.0%
grapefruit, light, effervescent

Montucky Lager 5

Lager | 12 oz can | Bozeman, MT | 4.1%
crisp, clean, light

Orval Trappist 10

Trappist Ale | 12 oz bottle | Belgium | 6.9%
tart, bread, citrus

High Noon 6

Black Cherry Seltzer | 12oz Can | Modesto, CA | 4.5%

black cherry, vodka, soda



available Sun-Fri 2-6 pm


Tennessee Mule 6

your choice of picker's vodka, corsair gin, nelson green briar tennessee whiskey

Classic Cocktails 6

old fashioned, daiquiri, margarita

Well Drinks 4

any well liquor with choice of one mixer

Boilermaker 5

well shot and Montucky can

House Red or White Wine 5


Beef Slider Duo 8

any two burger sets (add 2 ea for benton's bacon)

Fry Flight 5

house, sweet, and truffle fries served with sauce trio

Fried Pickles 5

wisconsin yellow cheddar powder and buttermilk ranch

Two for One Select Drafts


2901 12th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37204